Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Rule of the day!

Since I'll be racing AND officiating this year... I figure what better way to "learn the rules" than to post them from time-to-time as a review. This will not only keep me sharp but it will also benefit YOU! The rules will be italicized and printed word-for-word from the 2010 USA Cycling Rule Book- which you can find online from the USA Cycling website.

Ok, here is one that is used and "abused" at every race I've been to (even by me in the past):

Rule 1N7. Racing Numbers:
"Numbers may not be folded, trimmed, crumpled, or otherwise defaced. [Replacement of the numbers at riders' expense if noted before the start, otherwise warning or relegation.]"

Rule 1A32. Relegation:
"Relegation is a penalty consisting of loss of position, points or time, depending on the type of race. It may be against a rider, a team or both. Relegation of support personnel in a road race consists of placing their vehicle farther back in the caravan."

Yes, I've crumpled my number up before a race because I hate hearing it flapping in the breeze regardless of how many pins I pin it down with. Why is this NOT permitted? My guess is because it could make it harder for the officials to see. After all, most racers are zipping past the officials at 25+ mph and it probably is harder to see the number if it's folded or crumpled versus flat. Also, as an event photographer that posts photos online by race number..it's MUCH easier to see a number correctly positioned and NOT crumpled, folded, or trimmed.

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