Wednesday, August 18, 2010

2010 Power Tap SL+ w/ Mavic Open Pro Wheel- SOLD

JUST SOLD!  Thanks for your interest.

Ok, here's a deal you can't pass up.  If you ever wanted to own a "reliable" Power Meter, here's your chance.  I'm selling a USED 2010 Cycleops Power Tap SL+ Power meter built into a Mavic Open Pro Wheel.  Here are the features/particulars:

* The PowerTap SL+ (Shimano) hub is built into a 32-hole Mavic Open Pro rim.  The PowerTap SL+ power meter features pro-level performance with Ant+ Sport technology, carbon/alloy hub shell, and stainless steel bearings.

* SL+ is completely wireless and Ant+ Sport compatible which means you can use it with any Ant+ Sport computer, such as Garmin's Edge 500.

*  Includes HR monitor that is wireless 2.4 Ghz transmission

*  Includes speed/cadence sensor

*  Includes FREE Cycleops Power Agent Software for reviewing downloaded files (available online)

*  Includes operators manual (also available online)

*  Includes yellow CPU/Head Unit  (and incl. download adapter) -$100 if you don't want the yellow CPU

*  Does NOT include plastic wrench to take off hub battery cover (I always have the LBS replace the gasket and battery once a year)

*  Includes Continental Gatorskin Training Tire w/ less than 50 miles on the tire

* Lightweight Hub, only the Power Tap SLC is lighter- but also costs more

*  Bonus-  One month of FREE Power Based Coaching Service w/ purchase.  I'll review your power files and give advice.

Although this Power Tap wheel is a 2010 model, it is USED.  (USED= LIKE NEW condition with less than 4 hours ride time and less than 50 miles).

This is going to GO FAST!  Unfortunately, I'm NOT going to ship this (because I won't have to it will go fast) if you want to buy it you're going to have to pick it up from me personally.  I live in Doylestown, PA.  And, unfortunately I ONLY take cash.  Normally, this combination goes for over $1400 on the internet NEW.  Local Bike Shops will be selling this for over $1500.  Therefore, I'm selling this LIKE NEW Power Tap wheel combination for $1200.  If you don't want the Yellow CPU/Head Unit, I'm asking $1100.  You won't beat that price, for this LIKE NEW Power Meter, anywhere. 

Why am I selling this?  I need $$ to buy another Computrainer for the Fall/Winter.  I'm networking 3-4 Computrainers together for group power spin sessions that I hope you all are able to attend.  It aint cheap to network all of them..we're talking close to $10k w/ computer, software, projector, screen, etc.  Stay tuned for dates and location(s)!

BTW, you can use this Power Meter Hub/Wheel inside on your trainer this Winter no need to buy a Computrainer, Power Beam Pro, Tacx, etc.

The first person that emails me at:  and hands over $1200-$1100 gets it.

POWER ON!  Coach Rob

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cyclocross 101

The photo pretty much shows you what it's all about: uphill climbs, dismounts, carrying your bike, mud, closed course, laps, road bike look-alike, etc.  In case you haven't noticed, the sport of cyclocross has exploded lately.  What started as off-season training for European road racers is now becoming an epidemic for roadies across America from September through December.  In fact, there are some cyclists that have given up their road bike racing for cyclocross racing exclusively.

So, what's the appeal?  To's getting off the crowded streets/roads and onto a closed course with grass/sand/mud. To others it's hanging with a more fun/social crowd.  For some, it's getting down and dirty; getting a great workout in less than an hour.  And, just like it's's great off-season training for roadies.

How does it work?  Normally, races are anywhere from 30-60 minutes long.  Riders do laps, usually 2-3km per lap on a closed course, through mud/sand/grass/water/etc. over hills and obstacles.  At times, riders are required to dismount and carry their bikes over man-made or natural obstacles.  There is NO drafting because the speeds are slower than the road and the energy saving effects of drafting are negligible.  The pace is continuously full-on HARD!  I don't have any power files of Cross races but I will get some this Fall, and share with you, so you can see the power demands of the sport.  I've never raced in a Cyclocross race, nor have I watched one live for that matter, but I'm told the pace is Threshold pace the entire race.  I will be attending some Cross races this Fall either Officiating my first one, or taking photographs of my friends.

I'm not sure where the word "Cross" originated from, but if I had to guess I'd say it's because Cyclocross is a cross between a road bike and a mountain bike.  From the road bike side, the cross bike takes the drop handlebars, narrow tires, lightweight frame, etc.  From the Mtn bike side, the cross bike takes the knobby tires, cantilever brakes, wide forks for mud clearance, lower gears, etc.  I suppose "Cross" could also apply to "Cross Country" riding.  Hey, maybe it's both.

Unlike Road or Mtn. bike racing, in Cross racing...racers are allowed to switch bikes when their bike becomes all gummed up with mud during a race.  They're also allowed to have a pit-crew of sorts that hoses down their bikes, performs repairs, etc. 

I'll be posting more blogs on Cross racing as the season nears.  I'll also include some photos from the races I attend.  Lastly, I'll post a calendar of nearby events so you can see one (live) for yourself. 

Power ON!  Coach Rob

Thursday, August 12, 2010

If you can't handle the heat...GO FISHN'!

If you haven't guessed by now, I'm NOT a fan of the heat.  Nothing worse than being outside when it's mid-90 temps and high humidity is riding your bike in those conditions and sweating all over yourself and bike.  (BTW, you don't clean off your bike after you sweat on it, I guarantee you that you will rust a lot of cables, nuts/bolts and even stain the aluminum parts).  Yeah, yeah, yeah..I know there are some of you that ride in all weather conditions year round.  That's fine if you can do it..without burning out or losing motivation...but I can't.  To be honest with you, I don't even miss riding my bike this time of year.  It's just not fun.  And, if there is one thing I've learned so far in life...if it's NOT fun..why are you doing it?

If you read some of my previous'll have noticed that when it's hot, I either ride/train early in the morning, in my cool basement on the trainer, or I switch to my Mtn. Bike and ride under tree cover.  Or sometimes, like now, I even take time off the bike and GO FISHIN!  That's right...there is nothing wrong with taking a couple weekends off and going fishing.  You're NOT going to lose all of your me.  Anyone that has had an injury and was forced off the bike for a week or so, will tell you that they were fine (fitness wise) when they got back on.  Plus, if you REALLY feel guilty about taking time a 5x4 VO2max interval on your trainer..or do Tabata intervals twice a week.  That will keep your fitness level up.

No, you don't have to go will NOT help your cycling fitness.  Although, having said that, I have a Hobie Fishing Kayak that has pedals on it and let me tell ya..if you really want a workout..pedal for an hour or so upstream on a fast flowing river and you'll get a leg workout. 

Here's a pic of me on the Big-D (Delaware River) with a typical Smallie (Smallmouth Bass).  If you haven't ever fished for bass (in general) you've got to get out on the River and try.  It's a LOT OF FUN!  And, the best part WILL catch fish..if you know what you're doing.  If you don't know what you're doing, email me and I'll give you some tips.  I used to be into the Tournament Bass Fishing circuit for many I know a few things when it comes to bass fishing. 

If you have OTHER hobbies (other than fishing) get out and do em now.  Although the summer is coming to an end, and the kiddies will be back in school (yippeeee), there is PLENTY of riding yet to be done.  In fact, my favorite time of the year to ride is September/October.  The mornings are crisp/clear, the weather is delightful and the colors are amazing.  So, dump the bike off...grab a rod and go fishing...or anything else you've been putting off this summer.  Not only is it fun, I bet you come back to the bike more refreshed and eager to finish the season strong.  Have Fun!

Power ON!  Coach Rob

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Indoor Power Training & Seminar

Only 4 more weeks to the start of Football Season..CAN'T WAIT!  I absolutely love the Fall.  (A close second to Spring in my book.)  What's NOT to like about the Fall?  Cooler Temps, fresher cleaner air (where you can breathe), greener grass, more colorful trees, etc.  The only thing I don't like about the that it doesn't last long enough...and the fact that the days get shorter and we run out of light for riding after work.

Thus, to continue riding your bike in the Fall, and to stay in shape, you have two options: 1) throw a light on your bike and ride at night or 2) start riding indoors.  For me, I do both...although I'm not a fan of riding solo at night.  Hell, it's bad enough riding in broad daylight on the roads.  If  you're anything like me, however, you absolutely detest working out on a trainer (solo) indoors.  It's not so bad suffering in an indoor spinning group..but on your own (solo)?  Terrible!

To combat the boredom, dislike, monotony, etc. of indoor training..I use a Computrainer by Racermate.  The Computrainer is a virtual reality trainer that I have wired to a computer and to a projector.  Just setup your bike on the trainer and connect the Computrainer to a computer.  The computer runs the Computrainer Software and projects the image on a HUGE 80" screen in Hi-Def.  (See Photo above)  The computrainer will record the workout, whether it's an interval workout or a virtual reality 3D course workout like Ironman Lake Placid.  This year I plan on purchasing another Computrainer and networking them together so I can use the Multi-rider software and ride with/against a friend..  For now, the trainers will be networked in my basement.  But, I'm already looking for a place to move everything into (locally) where I can buy more Computrainers and network them all together...creating a Virtual Reality Power Spin Class.

The Power Spin Class will NOT be limited to Computrainers.  I'm already thinking about including Saris/Cycleops Power Beams and having those that own Power Tap wheels bring them to Class and use them with their basic trainer.  So, you'd have a Power Spin Class with CTs, Power Tap wheels/trainers and Power Beam Pro's.  For class, we can either use the Virtual Reality 3D course videos from Computrainer or DVDs/CDs from a NEW company called  Check em out online.  They make 3D courses for both Saris/Cycleops Power Beam Pro and for Computrainer.  In fact, I've been in-touch with Allen Jones of Epic Planet TV and (as of now) he's coming to Bucks County in October to film an Epic Pennsylvania video.  How cool is that?

For those of you that aren't training/racing with Power..I'll be giving weekend Seminars at some of our Local Bike Stores (LBSs) promoting Training/Racing with a Power Meter.  The Seminars will tell/teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about training and racing with a PM.  After the Seminar we'll have a Virtual Reality Demo where you can ride the 3D course..and after that..what else...a Power Spin Class/Session.  If you don't have a Power Tap Wheel/Hub or a Power Beam Pro..we'll rent you one.  Can't be any easier.

Steve Hawkins, friend and Middle Atlantic Regional Manager for Saris Cycling Group, doesn't know this yet..but I'm going to recruit his help for this Steve knows a lot about Power Taps/Power Beam Pros and is starting to ride with Power himself this year.  So, you'll get a LOT of good information.

Stay tuned for further updates on Indoor Power Training & Seminars coming to an LBS near you this Fall/Winter.  Power ON!   Coach Rob

Beat the Heat and the Summertime Blues

If you're like me..and you've started riding (and/or racing) regularly on the road since're just about burned out right now..mentally and physically.  The constant high heat high humidity days of August don't help either.  I don't know about you..but they drain the sh$t out of me.  For most of you, your FTP is already peaked-out for the year..depending on your Training Plan.  For those that have peaked or are peaking, I recommend a taper period to finish strong in September or ready yourself for the upcoming Cyclo-Cross season.  If you don't taper-off..I guarantee you your results will be less than spectacular in September.  Why?  Because your body just can't perform at its optimum 9-10 mos. out of the year (assuming you started training in Nov/Dec).  And, for you Roadies that are transitioning to Cyclo-Cross...remember, there are guys that just train/prepare for Cyclo-Cross season ONLY.  They are FRESH!  They are MOTIVATED!   They are LEAN!  And they WILL DROP YOU! haha

Anyway, to taper- I usually dump the Road Bike and hop on the Mtn Bike.  This helps me both physically and mentally.  Just this weekend, I rode my Mtn. Bike from my home in D-Town up to Tinicum Park via the canal on the PA side and back.  I found a GOOD 40 mile route where I wasn't on a main (asphalt) road for more than 1/2 mile at any time.  It rained, I got wet..I got muddy..but I didn't care cause I was on my Mtn. the main roads where it's MUCH safer.  The photo (above) was taken on the canal path just South of Tinicum Park on the PA side.  It's all gravel and will be MUCH better when it rains/snows this Fall/Winter as compared to the NJ canal path which is mostly dirt/cinder.  When I ride the Mtn Bike..I try to ride at L3/L4 usually averaging 18 mph on the canal slow as 14 mph and as fast as 20 mph.  I don't have a PM on my Mtn Bike but I do have a Garmin 500 computer on it which reads my Speed, Cadence and HR.  You can get a good hi-intensity workout in.  I just lock the shocks on my Mtn Bike so it's stiff..and I inflate the tires a little higher than normal. If I had a Cyclo-Cross bike..I'd use that instead..but I don't.  Besides, the Mtn. Bike has wider tires and a higher rolling resistance than a Cyclo-Cross bike and keeps the speed down.  I got some pretty nasty looks from other riders that I passed on the canal path going as fast as I did.  I would think that top speeds of 25 mph on a Cyclo-Cross bike would be TOO FAST for the canal path.  You could seriously hurt someone if they turned into you at that speed.  And, most of the people that ride on the canal path are riding beach cruisers with no helmets...seen it.  So, be cautious..and courteous if you do ride on the canal path.

BTW, I heard the Canal Path on the PA side is open from New Hope to Easton, PA.  I don't know how many miles that is..but I'd think you'd be hard pressed to get it done in a day.  One of these weekends, I'm going to ride from Carversville to Easton and back on the canal path.  Anybody want to join me?

HAVE FUN!  Power ON!  Coach Rob