Monday, March 8, 2010

Endurance Sports Expo..this weekend!

Is cycling an "endurance" sport?  ABSOLUTELY..unless you're a (short) track sprinter.  Even if you ARE a track sprinter- come and see and talk to Marty Nothstein, Trexlertown great, and former World Champion track this weekends Endurance Sports Expo in Oaks, PA (outside of Philly).  I'll be there both days.  I was going to do a seminar/clinic on Power Training, but thought it would be BETTER to hear from the experts at Training instead.  So, I convinced Chip Homeier (organizer) to get in touch with the folks from Training Peaks.  I thought we could get Hunter Allen in attendance, but he had a prior committment.  But, TP is sending Tim Cusick from the Harrisburg, PA area...and I'm sure you can learn a lot from him.

Ok, what do I recommend you do at the Sports Expo?  Attend the FREE University Seminars.  That's right FREE.  You can shop/browse/fraternize/etc. in-between the Seminars.  Here is one weekend where you may want to put your training or racing on-hold.  Or, if you have a friend that is going to the show..throw an extra set of clothes, shoes, etc. in his/her car and ride your bike there (weather permitting).

Here is what I HIGHLY recommend you see on both days of the Endurance Sports Expo.  It's where I'll be:
1pm- Room A, Youth and Junior Training and Racing for Triathlon- with my good friend Professional Triathlete and USAT Certified Coach Todd Wiley
1pm- Room C, VO2max Training: Learn about VO2max and how training with specific bursts of High Intensity will help any athlete do better- by Dr. Michael Ross.  Michael is not only an MD, but a world class cycling coach in addition to author.  I hope he brings some of his books for you to buy entitled: Maximum Performance for Cyclists.  It's a must have reference.  I've traded emails with Dr. Ross years ago, when I started Performance Testing.  In fact, Dr. Ross was instrumental in getting me started in Performance Testing and Coaching. 
2pm- Room A, Pro Panel Discussion- Marty Nothstein, Todd Wiley, et. al- come see and talk to the Pros
3pm- Room A, Introduction to Power Training- Tim Cusick of Peaks Training Group
4pm- Room D, Nutrition pre, during and post exercise- given by my good friend and elite amateur Triathlete Chris Ganter.  Chris is one of the top amateur (age-group) Triathletes in the country.

11am- Room A, Power Training to Raise your Lactate Threshold- Tim Cusick of Peaks Training Group
1pm- Room C, Scientific and Medical Approach to training- Dr. Michael Ross

So, get out this weekend and head over to the first Endurance Sprots Expo in the Philly area that will be a HUGE success (since it's already sold out of exhibitor space and since I know it will be) and will surely be an annual event of the future. 

BTW, these are JUST the seminars I will be attending because I'm a coach/racer and are of particular interest to me.  There are many more Seminars to choose from, including "Pro Cycle Fit" from my friend Steve Hawkins of High Road Cycles and "Preventing Running Injuries by Improving Bio-Mechancis" from my friend Johnny King-Marino.  I will probably be dropping in/out to see my friends.  I wish I could see them all, except a lot of the FREE Seminars are going-on concurrently.
Power ON! Coach Rob

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