Monday, March 22, 2010

Lake Placid Training Camp

The Lake Placid Training Camp for 2010, will take place from May 21st-23rd in (you guessed it) Lake Placid, NY.  This is a development camp for both road cyclists and triathletes who want to get away for a long weekend and train on the Ironman Lake Placid USA course.  Lake Placid is a small picturesque town in the Adirondack Mtns of New York.  It's a great place to bring the entire family.  So if your spouse, kids, girlfriend/boyfriend doesn't ride, there are plenty of things to see and do.  For you cyclists/triathletes, there isn't a better place to train.  In the past, the weather has been beautiful- warm, sunny days, with temps in the high 60s, low 70s.  I don't expect anything different this year.  This will be my 3rd year in a row..and a trip I ALWAYS look forward to. 

Training in/on the hills of IMLP will get your early season legs in-shape.  And, for you masochists..if you want more hills than what the IMLP course offers- you can do the 8 mile-8 percent Whiteface Mtn. hill climb.  I only did 5 miles of the 8 miles last year and that was enough for me..but Coach Todd and Rick Fesler did all 8.  Actually, I was smart enough to start 3 miles into the climb as I knew all 8 miles would be a lot for a 50 yr. old guy with a bad back.  The older I get the smarter I get.

Speaking of Rick Fesler, Rick will be back for 2010 helping Todd and I with Camp.  Rick was ranked 11th overall at the '09 Tri Nationals.  If you want to see somebody climb hills better than a billy Rick.  I have never seen a rider climb like he fast and so effortlessly.  In fact, Rick is not only a great hill climber..he's fast on the flats too.  In the aero bars of his TT bike..I don't know if anyone locally could keep up with him.  (Yes, he's that fast.)  Any takers..for beer?

I don't need to say much about former Ironman Triathlon Pro Todd Wiley...other than, when it comes to Triathlon won't find too many guys with as much hands-on experience. 

Ok, so what do you get at Camp..and what does it cost?  You get:
a.  Classroom instruction and personalized on-the-road instruction
b.  Instruction on how to properly pace and race IMLP
c.  Instruction on Nutrition for racing IMLP
d.  Instruction on how a Power Meter can help you train and race smart
e.  Instruction on the proper Equipment and bike gearing
f.  Instruction on Bike Fit and Position
g.  On-the-road action photos of your aero position
h.  Power Tap/Wheel demonstration
i.  Friendly atmosphere where you can meet new people (and possibly future training partners)
j.  Sag support for all road workouts
k. Dinner for one night
l.  T-shirt and giveaways
m.  Assistance for any personal racing/training needs
n.  Instruction by Certified USAT and USAC Coaches
o. Lots More!

What it costs?  $125 for TWiley Sports coached athletes and $195 for non-TWiley Sports athletes.  This does NOT include lodging at the host hotel which is the Northwoods Inn.  I know some people are not crazy about the Northwoods Inn, because it's old, but I've NEVER had a complaint.  The rooms are BIG, the higher rooms have a nice view of Mirror Lake, they're clean (never saw a roach yet..haha), and the hotel is BIKE friendly.  That is, you can roll your bike in/out at any time without any problems.  I'm not sure what the rates are right now (last year they were a little over $100/night- which isn't bad at all) but I'm sure Todd will get a group rate in the same ballpark. 

So, whether you're interested in training to prepare for IMLP or just looking for a nice hilly venue to get your cycling legs in-shape..Lake Placid is the place.  For more information, you can email me or Todd Wiley at:  This is the first of two blogs on LP Training Camp.  Next month, I'll post more details.  If you need to hitch a ride with someone let me know and we'll try to hook you up.  Coach Rob

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