Thursday, February 11, 2010

You're what?

You just noticed a scratchy throat. You start to sneeze. You just finished a routine Tempo workout and you discovered your Power was Tempo range but your Heart Rate was Threshold range. You're starting to get sick. Now what? Well, it depends (classic answer by the PhD weenies). But, instead of asking yourself, "What now?", you should be asking yourself, "Why? or How?". That is, why/how did I get sick? Was I around somebody else that was sick? Did I run my immune system down with a HARD workout? Not enough quality sleep? Was it excessive travel running around, more stress on the job that got me sick? Was it the weather? Was I NOT eating well? Skipping meals? Did I skip taking my Multi-Vitamins? Have I NOT been washing my hands as well as I should have? For me, it was all of the above. And yes, I'm sick...I've got a cold! bleh Sometimes you just can't help it..regardless.
So, now what? Well it depends. (Did you think my answer was going to change?) I'm sure, like me, the last thing you want to do is stop training for fear of losing all of the fitness gains you worked so hard to obtain over the Winter. But then on the other hand, if you don't slow down and get some're not going to give your immune system enough time to beat that Cold Virus you just picked-up.
What I do, when I'm sick, is everything I said I wasn't doing. I try to stay away from anyone that is sick (for my benefit and theirs). I slow down..try to travel less..get more quality sleep. I start eating better- quality foods and no missed meals. I start taking my Multi-Vitamin regularly. I wash my hands more often. And, when it comes time for a workout..I stay in the Tempo/Endurance range. Instead of the harder interval workouts I'll just do a 45 min. continuous ride on my trainer. If I'm feeling really tired and run-down, I'll skip the workout completely. Do NOT try to make-up a workout..EVER!
Gotta go..get some sleep. I'm sick- remember? Power ON! Coach Rob

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