Friday, February 12, 2010


If you don't know by now..I'm a BIG fan of Google. Why? Who else offers you what they do on the internet for FREE? Google Mail, Google Search, Google Calendars, Google Maps, Google Earth, etc. I just wish their share price was a little lower (last time I checked $500/share) so I could own a piece of it.
I use Google Mail and Google Calendar for all of my cycling coaching work. (Don't tell my friend Hunter Allen this but I can do everything on Google Calendar that you can do with Training Peak's online software which is expensive..including viewing GPS files.) That's not to say that I don't use Training Peak's WKO+ Ver. 3.0 which I believe is THE BEST cycling power training software.
Here's the best part..Google just offered the ability to upload ANY document into Google Documents for FREE. (Theres that magic four letter word again). By uploading files into Google Documents you virtually just bought yourself an online document archival/backup system. Now, when you travel or if you're someone that has multiple computers, you can get your documents online from ANY computer that has internet access. For me, someone that has 2 laptop computers and 2 desktop computers, it's a Godsend. Now, I don't have to make multiple copies of documents and email them to myself so I can get them through Google Mail. I can just leave them on Google Documents and view them whenever and wherever. Perhaps you can store all of your workout files in Google Documents and when you've completed them attach them to Google Mail and email them to me. You can even share your workouts online...HINT! to those that I coach.
If you're not already a Google user..check them out. I think you'll really like what they have to offer. And, as I said before, the best thing is- it's FREE! Now, when was the last time you got a great deal/offer for FREE? I didn't think so. Power ON! Coach Rob

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