Sunday, February 14, 2010

Jim & Jim at Snowlogue 2010

Photo of Coach Jim Ludwig (L) and Pure Energy Cycling Team member Jim Ludovici (R) at High Road Cycles in Doylestown PA. Jim Ludovici was warming-up for his Snowlogue 2010 5-mile Time Trial. Jim set the new 2010 Time Trial record with a time of 13:50 while averaging just over 300w. Jim's time was also the 3rd best Snowlogue time of all-time. Only two other athletes: Todd Wiley, local Professional Triathlete, and Jason Wood, local Cat 2 road racer, has a better time to date.

BTW, Jim Ludovici was a former athlete of my coaching service and learned pretty much everything I have over the years..and it shows. Great ride Jim.

Other than Todd and Jason, if you think you can beat Jim's time...head-on down to HRC (or sign-up on Bike.reg) and sign-up for Snowlogue 2010..I think it runs through February.

Power ON! Coach Rob

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