Monday, February 1, 2010

Power Training for Triathletes

Hey Tri guys/gals..check out this freebie webinar from Saris/Cycleops on "Power Training for Triathletes" this Thursday night. You "roadies" might like it too!

CycleOps Power News
Webinar: Training with Power for Triathletes
Join us for a Webinar on Thursday February 4 at 8pm.

Space is limited.
Reserve your Webinar seat now at:

This webinar is geared to anyone looking to learn more about using a PowerTap on their bike in order to take their cycling capabilities to the next level! However, there will be a focus on triathletes of all abilities and how this awesome technology could benefit you in 2010.

Coach Angie Sturtevant will guide you through the following topics:
-What Is Power?
-Power to Weight Ratio
-The Kilojoule
-Power vs Heart Rate
-Benefits of Training With Power
-Power Applied to the Principles of Training
--Overload & Recovery
-Power Testing
-Power and Racing Triathlon
-Power Based Workouts

In only an hour we'll just be scratching the surface of all that surrounds training with power, but that just means you'll have to join us again in the future! We welcome feedback and questions for this presentation as well as recommendations for future training events and webinars.

Learn more about Coach Angie at

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