Saturday, February 6, 2010

Let it snow..let it snow...let it snow!

If you've been following my blogs for a while you'll notice that when it snowed the first time in my area (back in December), I titled the blog.."Let it Snow". The 2nd time.."Let it Snow..let it Snow". Now, for the 3rd time (in Feb) I'm entitling it.."Let it snow, let it snow..let it snow!". The only difference this 3rd time is that there is NO WAY in hell I'm going to be able to get out and ride in it (unlike the last two times). The first two times it only snowed a couple inches. As you can see from the pic (above), there is already 8 inches of snow on my deck railing this morning with another 2-4" on its way. So, whatya do when you have to get a ride in? You RIDE INDOORS.
I'll be the first to admit that riding indoors is NO FUN. It's even worse when you have to get a tough interval workout in. Let me retract that statement and say...I DETEST riding indoors. I know some of you have no problem with it. I've heard some athletes being on an indoor trainer for 3+ hrs. If you ask me, that's NUTS ..especially if you're NOT a professional cyclist or triathlete. But, if you MUST get a workout do what you have to do.

If you're like me..the only thing you can do is...make the best of it. That is, make it as enjoyable as you can. Here are a few suggestions I have:
a. set your trainer up in front of the TV and watch a good game/movie/whatever. Ride at a steady L3 Tempo pace, and every a spin-up.
b. play a rock concert DVD (or two) with upbeat/up-tempo music.
c. if you don't have a TV/DVD player nearby...use an iPod set to shuffle songs..again upbeat/up-tempo music. In fact, you might want to make up a workout playlist. You finish when the songs are done playing.
d. set up your trainer with a's funny how BSing with your friends takes your mind off the workout
e. use a virtual reality trainer like Tacx, Computrainer, etc. It's really the best thing to BEING THERE...outside. If you can afford one..I HIGHLY recommend it. Not only do you get a great workout in, it's as realistic as it's going to get.

When I have to do longer workouts the one I have on-schedule for today...I'll use my Computrainer. You hardly realize you're on the trainer for 1-2 hours..because the scenery is always changing..not to mention the terrain (hills). I usually play one of the many Ironman Real Course Videos. The videos are ACTUAL race-day videos. When you start to climb a hill the Computrainer Load Generator automatically increases the load based on the percent grade and based on your bike/body weight. Like I said, it doesn't get any more realistic. I believe the Tacx trainers even allow you to steer your bike. That is REALLY cool.

If any of the athletes I coach want to buy a Computrainer, email me. I'm a Computrainer dealer and get Computrainer Lab Quality trainers at a discount. Sorry, the offer only applies to the athletes I coach/or have coached.

So, next time it snows too deep to get outside and ride...ride indoors and make it as fun as fun can be- riding indoors. Power ON! Coach Rob

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