Monday, February 1, 2010

Multi-sport Expos coming to your town

Mark your calendars with these dates: Sat/Sun March 13/14 for the Endurance Sports Expo in Philly: Sat March 27th for the Multisport World Expo in Bethesda, MD and Sunday April 18th in New York, NY:

Even if you're not a tri guy/gal there will be plenty of bike dealers and equipment dealers there to show you their NEW stuff for 2010. I'll be at the Endurance Sports Expo in Philly on both days. Look for me, I'm the guy with the bald head that will probably blind you with the reflection from the lights. I'll also be manning the TWiley Sports table/booth w/ brochures and photos of our upcoming IMLP Training Camp. A camp for multisport athletes and roadies. Stop by and say Hi! More information on Camp coming soon. Coach Rob

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