Monday, November 22, 2010

Winter Cross Training

Winter is coming...just take a look at the weather forecast and you'll see that the highs for next week will be in the 40s.  That means the nights will be in the 20s and 30s and that means the ski resorts in the poconos will start making snow.  The goal for most ski resorts in the poconos is to be fully open by Christmas.  I know, I used to work as a Ski Instructor at Camelback Ski Resort for years.  So, what the heck does this have to do with cycling?  It really doesn't unless you're like me and enjoy the fresh air of the outdoors and love to cross-train in the Winter.  I used to race (giant slalom), back in the day, but two herniated discs in my back have slowed me down a tad.  That's ok, because this year Santa is buying me Cross Country Skis.  In fact, Santa already dropped them off at my house.  (Even Santa has got to start early to make the rounds)  The stuff (skis, boots, poles) is from Onion River Skis.  You'll find that these guys have the best selection, and prices, for Nordic ski packages.  Trust me, I looked around a lot before I purchased.  Check em out:   For those of you that have never Cross-Country skied before I can tell you without reservation that it is not only a great workout for your's a great cardio workout as well.  And, it's fun.  Maybe not as much fun as downhill skiing but definitely a better workout.

The skis I purchased are Back Country  Skis.  Here is what OR says about BC skis:  For folks who don't know where they might end up once they head out their back yard, a Back Country package will give the confidence needed to explore. These skis are wide for better float in deep powder, have metal edges, and have lots of sidecut for making effortless turns. The boots are super warm and laterally stiff for optimal downhill control. There are a lot of new, exciting things happening in this category. Come in and check it out for yourself!

Although we don't have any deep powder in the East, the wider ski will give you a more stable platform..and the metal edges will definitely give you a good bite on the hard pack trails you'll most likely experience.  These skis will also go through the woods for cutting your own snow covered trail.

My plan is to try to get out every Sunday morning and do a little Cross Country skiing this Winter in the poconos.  If we don't get enough snow in the poconos, then I'll just Mtn bike around here instead.  Actually, I'd like to do both if I can.  In addition to the poconos I'm planning on a trip or two to Vermont.  I can get to Mt. Snow, just north of Bennington, VT in 3.5-4 hrs.  There always seems to be snow around Bennington.   If you don't have a Mtn bike, a Cross or Hybrid bike will work too.  During the week, I'm going to try to make it up to Blue Mountain for some night skiing because they'll have made snow.  I used to race up there during the weeknights.  I can't see why I have to buy a lift ticket if I'm X-Country skiing and not using the lift.  I'll just walk back up the hill.  It will be one helluva workout, which is the purpose for going.  Plus it makes the beer taste that much better in the lodge when you're done. 

If you're interested in joining me, let me know.  I've already had a few guys say "I'm in".  Should be a great time and great workout.
Power ON!  Coach Rob

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