Friday, November 19, 2010

USCF Rules Change for 2010/2011

USA Cycling: No ban on helmet cams or juniors’ use of carbon wheels or tubulars

By Steve FrothinghamUpdated: Nov 19th 2010 3:31 PM EST

The USCF Board of Trustees considered and rejected several proposed rules at a meeting earlier this month. The board approved the awarding of singlespeed cyclocross national championships, but several controversial proposals were either rejected or withdrawn, including one that would have banned helmet cams and another that would have banned juniors from using tubular tires or carbon wheels.

The board also approved a rewrite of the rules concerning clubs and teams.

Some of the rule changes that passed:

* A singlespeed national championships category, starting with the 2010 national cyclocross championships next month in Bend, Oregon.

* Singlespeed cyclocross bikes can’t have tires wider than 35mm, must have freewheels and dropbars.

* Registered clubs or teams must promote a race annually to remain an active club

* Clubs are now allowed to have multiple teams, including discipline-specific teams.

* Cat 1/2 master women can ride with master men up to 10 years older.

* Cat 3/4 master women can ride with master men up to 20 years older.

* To race a UCI road race, a male rider must be cate. 1, a female rider has to be cat. 1 or 2.

* The women’s Cat. 4 field limit has been increased to 75.

* Chip timing can now be sued for rider identification.

* Allowing another rider to enter a race under your license will now earn you a one-year suspension.

* Cyclocross field limit is 100 unless specified by the race organizer or official.

* Riders may now wear sleeveless jerseys in time trial events.

* The junior international omnium, a masters scratch race and women’s 45+ team pursuit have been added to track nationals.

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