Monday, November 29, 2010

Rain to Snow?

Looks like the Northeast is going to get some rain tomorrow into Wednesday followed by an Arctic blast of cold air.  Although it may not bring along some snow with the cold, it does mean that the pocono ski resorts will have their snow guns working around the clock in hopes of opening for Christmas.  That also means that yours truly will be taking advantage of the snow and getting some XCountry skiing in when he addition to some Mtn biking.  I love Mountain Biking in the snow.

Oh, BTW, here is a map of Blue Mountain where I plan on doing some night XCountry skiing this Winter (midweek).  I think I'll park at the Summit lodge and do a counterclockwise rotation of the hill.  The red lines are uphill and the green lines are downhill.

Power ON! Coach Rob


act-ex said...

I don't think they will let you cross country ski there without a lift ticket. There are checkpoints at the top and bottom where you need to show your ticket to get onto the slopes and I believe it's private property. Plus I think the ski patrol would have a problem with you skiing up that narrow beginner trail.

At the top of Blue Mountain there is a parking area for the Appalachian Trail. You could ski for miles along the ridge if you wanted to. No lights though!

Rob Muller said...

Thanks for the info. I guess if I have to suck it up and buy a lift ticket..and call it be it. Cheers Rob