Friday, November 26, 2010

Erg Video Review

I don't really post many product reviews on my Coaches Blog unless I come across something I really like.  One product I REALLY like is ErgVideo DVDs for the Computrainer.  Erg Video is a company in Canada that makes Real Video Cycling Simulation for the Computrainer.  The videos are in HD.  Included with every DVD is Erg Video 3 software that is superior to Computrainer's Real Course Video software.  The software supports up to 24 Computrainers and displays power, heart rate, cadence, calories, etc. for each rider.  The best part of the Erg Videos is that you are right there- riding in the peloton.  The videos are shot from helmet cams that the riders are wearing- unlike the Computrainer Videos that are shot from a trailing car where you never see a rider. 

Additionally, the Erg Video software makes you keep up with the peloton..otherwise you're dropped...just like in real life riding.  With the Computrainer software when you slow down or stop pedaling, the video stops.  With the Erg Video software all you have to do is enter your FTP and the computer software applies the appropriate load for the ride.  For example, if I load an Erg Video Tempo ride DVD the software adjusts the load to 75% of your FTP making it a true Tempo ride.  If you're not feeling particularly strong on a given day you can either lower your FTP or lower the load prior to the ride.  Another cool feature of the Erg Video software is that you can select any portion of the video to ride.  If you want to do a 2x20 sweetspot workout you can select that from your 2 hr. Tempo ride and get a good 50 minute workout in (with rest intervals).  Unlike Computrainer videos that are more Ironman Triathlon based, the Erg Videos are more geared towards road cyclists.  You can choose from Tempo workout DVDs, Threshold workouts or even Tour de France stages in the Pyranees.  And, as I said earlier, they are High Def videos which look awesome when projected from your computer onto a big screen. 

If your a cyclist that I coach, you're more than welcome to join me in an Erg Video training session.  Just give me a call, when I'm home, and we'll setup a training session for FREE.  One ride and you'll be hooked.

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