Sunday, November 14, 2010

Virtual Reality Training

We're not going to have too many nice days like we've had the last few- at least around here the rest of the Fall/Winter.  The weather has been absolutely gorgeous for riding.  I didn't get the chance to get out yesterday (Saturday) but I did get in a 3 hr. ride today (Sunday) on my Mtn. bike.  Speaking of which, I just have to ask a question: why do cyclists have to get up at 0600 on days like today (where we had sunny skies and a high in the low 60s) and ride with low-light at 0700 in 35F temps?  Guys (the gals are smarter and at home in a warm bed)..if you just wait 2-3 hrs..the temps will be MUCH more enjoyable to ride in.  Do you ride at 0700 because your Man-pass is only good from 0700-1000 on the weekends and you have to get home to babysit the kiddies?  I can't believe you're getting a ride in before church or don't use that excuse.  When I started today at 1000 (55F) I couldn't believe how many roadies I saw dressed like they were going skiing.  I'm talking heavy duty gloves, ear warmers, winter cycling pants, heavy jacket, etc.  Well, I know why they were dressed like they were going skiing, because if it's 35F and you're riding at 20 mph we're talking a windchill of 24F..and that's skiing weather.  Here's a windchill chart if you don't believe me:
Sorry for that tangent, but I just had to get that out.  Anyway, keep this chart handy because you'll need to refer to it in the next few months..and if you can't get outside and ride..why not ride inside?  Ok..ok..I hear ya, I hate riding inside too.  Well, I used to hate riding inside, but I don't anymore.  Why?  Because I figure if I'm going to train indoors I might as well make it as enjoyable as I can.  I've just about tried every indoor trainer on the market and have to say, without a shadow of doubt, that the computrainer is THE SH$T when it comes to indoor trainers.  That is, the Computrainer linked to a computer loaded with Virtual Reality Training software.  Computrainer sells their Real Course Videos that are ok but the software to support them isn't that great.  Although I have heard that Computrainer is coming out with new software this Fall (we'll see).  The other alternative (and a better one it seems), is HD videos from Erg Video using the Erg Video 3 software.  I'll give a review on this setup in a week or so. 

If you can't afford a Computrainer, Computer and Virtual Reality Software split the cost with a friend.  Besides, it's more fun to ride with/against someone than it is riding solo.  If you're an athlete that I coach, I can get you a Computrainer at a coaches discount..which is hundreds off the retail price.  If you can't pony up the money, rob a bank. (JK)  If you don't want to pony up the money for one, you have two choices, either a) buy a cheaper indoor trainer and be bored to tears training on it this Winter or b) just ride outside when it's 20F.  Lets see, 20F and 20 mph equals a whopping 4F Windchill..that's assuming you have no wind. If it's a windy day, and you have a 10 mph wind in your face and you're riding 18 mph (that'd be 28mph effective wind speed total) then you got a nice 1F windchill...brrrr.  Your choice!

Power ON! Coach Rob

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