Thursday, December 21, 2017

SKS Front & Rear Fenders for Mtn Bikes

Wanted to highlight the SKS Front & Rear Fenders on this Mountain Bike.  I've always had the SKS Rear Fender on my 29er Mtn. Bike but I recently purchased the Front SKS Shockboard Fender because my legs were getting wet on long rides with puddles.  It's real easy to mount.  Takes about 5 minutes.  The Fender/Kit comes with a sleeve that fits (and expands) inside your front fork tube/post.  The Fender clips on/off with a single press of a button.  All plastic construction for no rust worries.  It's durable too.  The plastic can be bent/twisted/etc. without any damage.  Cost $25.  When you want it for wet conditions, clip-on.  When you don't want/need it, clip-off.  The Rear Fender clamps on to the seat post and has a height adjustment.  All well made.  Made in Germany (they make quality stuff).  Take it from a German Engineer (moi).  Power ON!  Coach Rob

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