Friday, December 4, 2009

Training too hard too soon?

I thought this pic/icon would get your attention. Just a word of advice/caution/etc. for you: when starting your new Annual Training Plan (ATP) do NOT try to jump back on the trainer and think you're going to be able to pump out 2x20s @ L4 (workout) at your summer FTP. It aint gonna happen. And, if you try to make it happen..I can assure you you'll look like the guy/gal in the pic. It's just not realistic to think that even after a relatively short transition/off-season phase you're going to be even remotely close to where you were in mid-summer- power wise. So please don't try it. This is a good reason to be re-tested NOW if you haven't- to establish your new FTP (and power training zones) for the start of the 2009-2010 season. Also, even if you've been re-tested recently you do NOT want to jump into a 2x20 @ L4 workout. I suggest you start with a 2x10 or 2x15 @ L3/L4 "sweetspot" workout instead. You want to concentrate on building a good base this time of year..and you don't do that by jumping into a 2x20 @L4 workout and puking. Lastly, if you start an interval workout..and you're not feeling so's better to quit or knock-off one of your intervals instead of dogging/cheating on one. Just this morning I was doing a 2x15 @L3/L4 workout and I could barely finish the first interval. So, just 30 minutes (15 min. warmup) into the workout- I quit. To be continued on another day...not a problem. At least I got a solid 30 minute workout in instead of nothing.

So, don't beat yourself up this early in the season. There is plenty of time for that this Winter. If you're not feeling good during a workout..nothing wrong with quitting. Conversely, if you're feeling good..nothing wrong with adding a little more to the workout. Power ON! Coach Rob

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