Friday, January 19, 2018

Zwift Workout Editor/Creator

Zwift virtual reality software continues to impress me.  If you don't like the FREE workouts offered in Zwift at you can create your own, or edit an existing workout using this program  It's a really cool program created by Matt McNeil.  It's simple to use.  Matt has instructions on on how to use his program.  And, it too is FREE.  See below.  Once you're done editing or creating a new workout, you can save it to a My Workouts folder for downloading at a later time.  When you want to do the workout, you just go to your 'My Workouts' folder and upload your workout file into Zwift's document folder on your PC that runs Zwift.  That folder can be found at: Documents\Zwift\Workouts.  When you open up Zwift software and get ready to ride, you just go to Custom Workouts and your new file should be waiting for you.  

I created a 2x10@L4 workout using Matt's software and it couldn't have been easier.  I think it took me a whopping 5 minutes to create.  Thank you Matt for the easy to use software.  As the Brit's would say: Brilliant!

Now I know why I've been getting emails from ErgVideo lately offering me FREE training plans.   (ErgVideo probably sees Zwift just dominating the indoor cycling training market and they want to continue being a market leader themselves.)  ErgVideo has a new ErgVideo 5 software that is FREE.  ErgVideo 5 is tying their FREE training plans together with their ErgVideos.  That way, I can choose a FREE training plan and have it sync with one of my ErgVideos to get a real life workout.  Pretty cool since I have a nice library of about 7 ErgVideo CDs.  Sounds like a future blog.  For now though, I'm super happy with Zwift and all the developers like Matt McNeil who are making it easier and more fun to use and workout.

Power ON!  Coach Rob

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