Saturday, June 18, 2011

$25,000 reward for apprehension and conviction of a hit and run driver

In case you haven't heard, there was a fatal hit and run accident involving a cyclist in Plumstead Township, Bucks County.  In fact, the cyclist was killed right down the street from my house on May 28th, 2011.  Apparently, a white or silver GMC/Chevy Pickup's mirror hit the head of a cyclist while he was on the side of Rt. 413 while he was checking out a cue sheet on his group ride from Newark, NJ to Quakertown, PA.  The cyclist was 66 yr. old John Chapman.

Thanks to generous donations from NYC's Fast and Fabulous Cycle Club and Suburban Cyclists Unlimited the reward for the apprehension and conviction of the driver that killed 66 year-old John Chapman has been raised to $25,000.

Anyone with information about the vehicle and/or its owner should call the Plumstead Township Police at 215-766-8741.

I have my own guess/idea on how Mr. Chapman was killed.  I'd bet money that the driver was a construction worker/contractor on his way home from a local bar and was intoxicated..which is why he fled the scene to avoid a vehicular homicide prison sentencing.  I guess what the driver doesn't realize (yet), is if/when he DOES get caught, he'll be tacking on a hit and run which will hopefully extend his prison stay.  Personally, I don't know how anyone can live with themselves for doing something like that.  I hope to God that person turns himself in BEFORE he's caught.  I'm going to do my best to check out EVERY GMC pickup truck I see for a new right side mirror and anything but a white truck. That's if I ever see one. I'm assuming the truck is either re-painted already or sitting at the bottom of some lake.  Regardless, if you see any GMC pickup truck that looks freshly painted or has a new side mirror to call the number above.

For all you fellow cyclists out there..this tragic incident is something we can ALL learn from too..and that is NEVER stop on the side of busy road like Rt. 413.  If you have to stop..get off the side of the road into a field or a driveway.  And, if you can, avoid all busy roads especially during rush hour.  If I'm ever on Rt. 313 or 413 I'm not on it for more than 200 yds..and I'm hustling like hell to get off.

To John's family and sincere condolences.

Power ON!  Safely!  Coach Rob

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