Sunday, October 24, 2010

2010-2011 Indoor/Outdoor Training

The days are getting shorter and colder.  Pretty soon that nasty Winter weather, we love so much, will be upon us. haha.  For most of us, that really doesn't deter us from getting outside and riding at least once on the weekend...unless of course it's freezing rain which not only makes for miserable riding but UNSAFE riding conditions on the road. 

For 2010/2011 Winter Training, I will be riding outside on Sundays..whether it's with my road bike or Mtn. bike.  In fact, I just installed a couple bike mounts on my utility trailer this weekend.  I'm going to rig the trailer so I can carry five Mtn. (or Cross) bikes- in addition to cross-country ski equipment- for some Winter cross-training fun with my cycling buds.  BTW, if you're local and you're interested in joining us, send me an email and I'll let you know when we're going and if we have any room.  The idea is to get a morning workout with the bikes and an afternoon workout with the skis.  If there is more snow than dirt..then it will be more skiing than riding..or vice versa.  Anyway, I'm not going to let the weather deter me from getting out at least one day on the weekend this Winter.

Now, I will also be riding inside on Saturdays- whether it's with my wife spinning at the local gym or setting up shop at one of the local bike stores (LBSs).  The indoor riding at an LBS will be with Networked Computrainers- with the computer connected to a projector and projecting the Virtual 3D Video ride onto a large projection screen.  I truly believe the future of indoor training is with Virtual 3D reality video hooked-up to trainers like the Computrainer...especially for HARD interval workouts.  Why not have FUN while you're working HARD.

If you're interested in either training: Saturday or Sunday, email me and I'll let you know when/where we're going to train.  It should be fun..after all, isn't this why we train/race- in addition to keeping in great shape?  It's why I do it. 

Power ON!  Coach Rob

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