Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cycleops Power Tap Demo

July is Cycleops Power Tap Demo Month.  You didn't know that?  That's because I just created it...haha. If you've NEVER rode with power before..now is the time.  For the months of July/August, I'm offering a deal you can't refuse which includes:

a. 2 hr. demo ride on a Power Tap SL+ Power Meter w/ Mavic Open Pro wheel- with Coach Rob (that'd be me).  The ride can either be a fun ride or an FTP test.  I will set the Power Tap wheel/hub on your bike (provided you have a 10sp Shimano or SRAM cassette) and we'll head down to River Rd. (Rt. 29 in NJ) for a fun ride or an FTP test...your choice.
b. Post-ride power file analysis. 
c. Personalized presentation/briefing on how training/racing with power can benefit you.
d. Discount on a Power Tap wheel/hub if you want to purchase one and start training/racing with power and 1-month free coaching
e. If you do an FTP test, I will compute your Power Training Zones for you

What's the fee?  $75 cash or check.  For an appointment email me at: mullerrj@gmail.com  Power ON!  Coach Rob

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