Friday, November 13, 2009

Derby Ride- is ON!

(Route shown taken on 11/15/09)

We'll be leaving from the Deli/Food Store in Stockton NJ (on the towpath) at 0900 this Sunday, Nov 15th and riding to the top of Baldpate Mtn and back. Bring your hybrid, cyclo-cross bike or Mtn bike for this leisure paced ride. The total trip is approx. 30 miles round trip, with a nice climb mid-ride 450 ft. in 1.5 miles (avg. 6% grade, with max. grades of 10%). The plan is to be back to Stockton by noon. Yes, I know that's 3 hrs. but I'm leaving an extra hour in there for those that might want to explore the trails at Baldpate with a Mtn bike or a stop at Pure Energy Cycle on the way back for a latte. I'd like to continue with this ride through the Winter, weather permitting, whether I'm on the ride or not.

I do know that on 22 November there is a Specialized Mtn bike Riders Club ride that will be meeting at Washingtons Crossing to do something similar. Perhaps we could combine with their ride and make it a weekly thing...although the Specialized ride is a B+ ride and I'm more like a D+ Mtn. bike rider.

For more details on this ride, see my previous blog below...or email me: You can also post comments/questions below this blog.

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Rob Muller said...

BTW, just noticed that the elevation profile is about 100 ft. off (too high). I did NOT calibrate my GPS before the ride.