Saturday, February 21, 2009

What is Twitter?

Discovered a pretty cool online service called "Twitter". What is Twitter? Twitter is a FREE service for friends, family, etc. to communicate and stay connected. And, not just family & friends, it's pretty cool to get up to date information on your favorite celebs, sports figures, etc. right from their own computer or phone. In fact, just a little while ago I saw this on Lance Armstrong's and Levi Leipheimer's Twitter page. BTW, Team Astana had an awesome day today, controlling the front end of the ToC stage:

Levi_Leipheimer The guys were so solid today. Like a machine on the circuits from twitterrific

lancearmstrong Today's circuits around the Rose Bowl. Hadn't been there since the 2006 Rose Bowl where UT took down USC 41 - 38. Amazing game. Hook 'em. from TwitterBerry

Levi_Leipheimer Finally got to meet Nicky Hayden after some email exchanges. Wish I could handle a bike like him! Really cool guy from twitterrific

Levi_Leipheimer On our way to Rancho Bernardo for the last stage. The crowds at the Rose Bowl were overwhelming! Everyone in the race was talking about it

Ok, so why am I a newbie Twitter fan? I think it would be a great way for us cyclists to stay connected..find out how guys are doing in local races this Spring/ race results, ...find a riding partner for the day..etc. Anything cycling really! But, I think the best use would be a way to hookup with guys that want to go on a training ride.

For you Blackberry users, they even have Twitterberry. I downloaded it onto my Blackberry and it works well.

Anyway, download Twitter and stay connected. Let everyone know when you're riding, how you make out at races, etc. I think it would be cool to see. Oh, and you can download pictures too..attached is a photo of Lance and Levi at breakfast before today's Lance would's the sh$t.

Almost forgot, here's my Twitter address: You can always do a search too.

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