Friday, February 13, 2009

Free Beer

Yeah, I knew that'd get your attention. I figure I'd make these blogs fun. Therefore, I'm going to ask a question from time to time and to see if you're paying attention, reading, learning, etc. and if you're THE FIRST PERSON to answer the question correctly..I'll buy you a beer. That's right..a free (12 oz. draft) beer of your choice at a local bar/restaurant (Doylestown area- sorry out of town folks)

Here's the freebie beer question: 2 blogs ago I told you based on the CdA measurements provided you'd have to produce approx. 300 watts to ride in the hoods (or clip-on aero bars) at 25 mph. Why in this last blog did I say it only takes 278 watts (calculated) to ride 25 mph?
Coach Rob

1 comment:

Rob Muller said...

No takers on the beer eh? Oh well..can't say I didn't try.