Sunday, January 11, 2009

Winter Tempo/Endurance Rides

We're almost midway through January 2009 and at this point in your Annual Training Plan (ATP) you should be upping the volume of your rides (and intensity) in preparation for the high-intensity rides of February and March. There is NO EXCUSE for not getting outside and getting a longer tempo ride in. Besides, if you're like me and absolutely detest doing anything but shorter hi-intensity workouts on the trainer..there is no substitute for being outside in the fresh air. Who cares if it's cold and snowy..that's why they make darn good lightweight, warm clothing these days. And, the best part of riding outdoors this time of year, in the inclement weather, is that you really don't need to do it on the road with your road bike. This is a great time of year to grab a cross-bike, mountain bike or hybrid bike and look for those trails, dirt roads, etc. that are less traveled. Here's a ride that Jason Wood (photo above) and I went on today: we started in Stockton NJ and rode up to Stumpf Tavern Rd. on the canal path. Up Stumpf Tavern Rd. for a 1.5 miles on a 5% grade hill to Federal Twist Rd. Then, Federal Twist Rd. down to Quarry Rd. (dirt/gravel road) back down to the canal path at Bulls Island. From there, down to Lambertville NJ via the canal path, then back up to Stockton. Total Time: 2 hrs. Total Miles: 20 miles It was slow going, for the most part, but that's because of the 2 inches of snow that was already on the ground..not to mention the ice in spots. And, who cares if it was slow...I'll bet you that our average wattage for the 2 hrs. was close to 200 we got a great workout in. Well, at least it was an average wattage of close to 200 watts for Jason because he was pulling my fat ass for most of the ride. Thanks Jason.

So, get out there in the fresh air when you can..and find the trails/roads less travelled. You'll get a great workout and a jump on the 2009 bike (summer) season.

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