Friday, December 26, 2014

Weight Scale

One last thing and then I'll keep quiet until next week (New Years).  If you're going to set goals/objectives for your training program (whether it's weight loss, power gain on the bike, better cardiovascular shape, etc.) you need good accurate measurement tools.  I already mentioned a Heart Rate Monitor to measure cardio output..and for you cyclists a Power Meter on the bike, or on a Computrainer or Stationary bike at the gym.  Power output is in Watts.  If you're using a stationary bike at the gym that gives Power Output (in watts), just realize that most are not very accurate.

 For those of you looking to lose weight, you MUST have a good bathroom scale.  Here's an accurate one for just $25 if you don't already have one.  We'll be measuring our weight at least weekly.  Me, I like to weigh myself a couple times daily when I'm actively involved in a training program.  You can see how your weight varies from morning to night.  I'm always 2 lbs. lighter in the a.m. than the p.m.  For me, jumping on the scale is a motivator.  Keep in mind, you're not going to see any weight loss for the first couple of weeks when engaged in any program.  And, sorry ladies, for some reason, men lose weight faster than women.  I know it's not fair..but it is what it is.  Some people have a higher metabolic rate too..they just burn more calories at rest than others.  Again, I know it's not fair but it is what it is. 

One more thing.  You didn't gain 20-30 lbs overnight so don't expect to lose it overnight either.  I hate that when I hear people say they've been working out for a week and haven't seen any results.  Give it time.  Your body is NOT's got a great memory.  It doesn't like change and it will resist losing weight when you start a training program that burns calories.  How does it resist?  By making you tired so you slow down or fall you burn fewer calories.  You will also get more hungry when you start a training program- of any kind.  It's your body's way of want to play the weight loss game?  I can play that game.  For every workout, I'll make you more hungry so you eat more than what you used to and balance out the calories burned.  That's where the self-discipline comes MUST resist the urge to eat/drink more while actively involved in a training program.  You'll see what I mean when you start working out.  All of sudden you start craving all kinds of food and everything looks and smells good.

Until next week, eat/drink whatever you want..the party is almost over..for this year anyway. 

Power ON! Coach Rob

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