Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year


It's 2014 and exactly one year since my last post.  No, I'm not dead..but at times I felt like I was dead in 2013.  Just zero energy and zero motivation to exercise or get on my bike and ride.  I didn't race in 2013, and I gave coaching a rest as well.  But, I did continue to officiate and moto-ref.  This year will be my 5th year as an USA Cycling Official.  And, it will be the year that I upgrade from Level C Official to Level B.  I have enough experience to upgrade, I just haven't filled out all the required paperwork.  Last year was the first year I marshaled a Pro Cycling Race on my moto.  What an experience.  You get to see the race from an entirely new perspective when marshaling versus officiating.  Marshaling is much more relaxing because there isn't the responsibilities like there is with officiating.  Although I didn't bike much last year, I did get to bass fish a lot.  I traveled to Lake Erie in the Spring of 2013 and got to fish my home lake (Lake Wallenpaupack) in the Poconos at least 2-3 times per month.  I caught a LOT of nice bass this past year.  And, I got to catch some BIG bass.  I hope to do the same in 2014 as I'm planning trips down to the Potomac River, Wash DC. in the Spring and the 1000 Islands, NY in the Summer.  That's in addition to fishing my home lake.  These (Potomac and 1000 Islands) are two places I used to fish a lot (back in my tournament days) and look forward to going back. It's always more fun to fish with friends than it is to fish tournaments.  In tournaments, you're normally matched with someone you don't know and there is a lot of pressure to do well.  Not to mention all the time and $$ you need to spend in preparation for the tournaments.

I'm not planning on coaching in 2014 but I am planning on getting back on my bike, both my Mountain Bike and my Road Bike.  I think my racing days are over however.  Although, sometimes I wonder if I did start training seriously again if I could compete with/in the Masters 55+ group for a podium spot.  It's not that it's not as competitive at 55+ there are just fewer guys racing in that age bracket.  Besides, I just don't have the time or dedication/motivation to race like I used to.  My new job has me traveling internationally now so it becomes more difficult to train.  And, the fact that I'll be officiating a lot more than I did in the past.  Last year I officiated 12 races.  This year, I plan on doubling that.  There's just not enough time to do everything.

If you're racing this year, this is the time of the year to get everything in order:
a. Order your racing license.
b. Get your bike tuned up and order the parts you'll need for 2014.
c. READ your 2014 USA Cycling rulebook.  Know the rules.
d. Get your kit ordered from your team/club.
e. Start the hi-intensity training..especially if you're racing starts in March.
f. Start watching what you eat/drink.  Say goodbye to the junk food.
g. Lose some weight.
h. Fine tune/adjust your training plan.
i. Make your goals for the 2014 racing season.
j. Mark your 2014 calendar for the races you want to enter.

Good luck with your training.  If you want some (free) advice with your 2014 training, email me.

Power ON!  Coach Rob    

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