Friday, November 30, 2012

How much do you sit per day?

I never realized how much the average American sits on their a$$ each work day until I read a recent newspaper article.  So, I decided to add up the hours I sit (on a normal "work" day).  On an average work day, I'm upright (standing) for only 3 hrs.  That's pretty sad.  Actually, it's alarming.  Naturally, on the weekends I'm probably upright for twice that.  But still, that's an awful lot of time sitting on my a$$.  And, I don't have to tell you the health risks of a sedentary lifestyle.  Here's a good article to read from Men's Health Mag:

Well, what can you do about it during the work week?  Here's a list of suggestions:

1. Take a brisk walk in the morning- at least 1/2 hr.  If you have a dog, there ya go..good excuse.  You may have to get up a 1/2 hr. earlier- so what, just go to bed earlier.  Don't have a dog?  Borrow a neighbors dog.  I'll bet you the neighbor would love to have someone walk their dog in the a.m.

2. Take a brisk walk at lunch- at least 45 minutes.  There's always some place you can walk at work.  And, you still have 15 min. to eat lunch at your office desk or cafeteria.  If the weather is bad, and you can't walk, get in your car and drive some place.  At least you'll get exercise walking to/from your car.

3. Get your hour workout in before/after dinner.  In the Summer you may be able to get a 2-3 hr. workout in.  If not, at least get a brisk 1 hr. walk in.  If you can't get your workout in before dinner, get it in after dinner...just GET IT IN.  If you can't, at least grab the neighbors pooch and go for another brisk walk.  Notice I said "brisk" walk?  There's a big difference.

4. During the day, take more breaks.  Drink plenty of water because it will force you to take pee breaks.  Get up every hour from your desk and walk around.  Every other hour, get up walk outside for 5 minutes.

5.  If/when you talk on the phone at home..stand up..don't sit. 

6. Take the stairs whenever you can.  Stay away from elevators, escalators, etc.  If you have to use an escalator, walk up the steps.

7. Ok, here's one I'm guilty of: opt for the bar stool or chair when going to a restaurant/bar instead of a booth.  By sitting up on a stool/chair you're using more ab/lower back muscles.

8. Instead of emailing or calling a co-worker, get up out of your desk and pay them a visit.  Stand, don't sit while visiting.

9. Instead of rolling your office chair over to a bookcase, filing cabinet, trash can, printer, etc. get up and walk over.

10. If you really want to make a difference, get a stand-up desk or balance ball chair to sit on at work.  Don't laugh, I've seen them..and the people that are using them are fit...go figure. ha  I might replace my office desk chair with a balance ball chair.

Wanna be fit, don't sit!  Power ON!  Coach Rob

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