Thursday, March 8, 2012

Let the Games Begin!

What an exciting time for Cycling..daylight savings this weekend..warmer temps..and my first race of the season this Sunday.  No, I'm not racing- I'm officiating the start of the Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference (ECCC) at Steven's University in New Jersey.  Actually, I'll be the Chief Referee (CR) for this event.  It's truly exciting for me to see all the young kids Amp'd up to race for the first time this season.  A lot of these kids from the Northeast, and I'm not talking NE Pennsylvania, I'm talking NE United States, have only been out on the road for only a handful of times because of the short days and cold weather.  Schools like MIT, Harvard, Boston U, and others in Maine and New Hampshire will be descending on Steven's University in New Jersey this weekend.

For a lot of you, your racing season start is right around the corner.  Many of you have Battenkill as the first race of the season.  That's only in a little over a month from now.  So, if you're not better start gettin' your a$$ in gear.  I can tell you for a fact, there are a LOT of guys that are ready for Battenkill.  Some have been riding all Winter long and others have been attending warm-weather Winter camps in California.  If you want a good tune-up race for Battenkill, and you live in the Bucks County/Hunterdon County area I highly recommend that you ride the "Hell of Hunterdon" ride on March 31st.  This ride is a good ride and the layout is even tougher (in my opinion) than Battenkill.  Not only is there more elevation rise, the roads are tougher to navigate/handle.

Daylight savings is March 11th so don't forget to set your watch/clocks.  Also, take advantage of the warmer temps and longer days and RIDE!  This is "crunch-time"!  It's a little bit early to start working the AC system but you should definitely be working the Threshold and VO2max via LOTS of hill work.  Also, for you guys that could stand to lose a few pounds, NOW is the time to drop it.  You don't want to be dropping weight in-season.  Remember, it's all about w/kg..because the guy/gal with the highest power-to-weight ratio normally wins (all other things being equal).

Get out and RIDE!  Power ON!  Coach Rob


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