Sunday, October 23, 2011

2011-2012 Coaching

I'll be accepting NEW athletes for the 2011-2012 Coaching season during the month of November.  This year, I'll only be taking on 5-6 athletes for the upcoming training season.  Normally, I take on closer to 10 athletes.  But, this year I'm building a house up in the Pocono Mtns. of PA (future cycling training site) and I know it's going to take more of my time than in the past.  It's only fair that I provide the athletes that I coach the same amount of attention/time (for the money) that I have in the past. 

My Annual Training Plans (ATP) generally run from December through April (5 months).  The price hasn't changed in the last 3 yrs. (still $150/mo.)  For 2012, I'm going to offer a racing season plan, from May through September, for a lower fee (probably $50/mo.)  This fee will include preparing the athlete for races, race critique, post-race assessment, unlimited phone and email support as well as attendance at one of the athlete's races to critique the race and take professional action sports photos.

I can tell you without reservation, that I offer more "bang for the buck" with respect to Coaching than the majority of current USA Cycling Coaches.  I believe I'm still one of only a handful of Certified USA Cycling Power Based Coaches in the Tri-State area.  And, I know for a fact that I spend more time with each athlete than the majority of Coaches. That's because I design an athletes ATP around THEIR schedule.  Although most of my athletes will be doing similar workouts (based on progressive power training), you will NEVER see a cookie-cutter workout from me.    In fact, Training Peaks Coaching was so impressed with what I had to offer my athletes that they had offered me a position on their coaching staff for 2011-2012.  I had an interview with Hunter Allen, owner of Training Peaks, re: joining his staff this Summer.  I, however, declined the offer because I'm just too busy (with work, other businesses, new home construction, etc.)  I'm honored that Hunter asked me to be a part of his Coaching Program.  I honestly believe that his Coaches are some of the best in the business.  In fact, if you have the $$, there isn't a better power based coach than Hunter Allen himself. 

If you're interested in my Coaching Services for the 2011-2012 Training Season, please email me so I can reserve a spot for you.  I prefer to coach athletes that train with Power Meters.  Although NOT mandatory, I HIGHLY recommend it.  If you don't have a Power Meter, I'd consider purchasing one.  You don't have to go out and buy a $4000 SRM Power Meter (although they are the best).  There are plenty of Power Meters out on the market, right now, starting at just $200.  Granted, a $200 Power Meter is NOT going to be as reliable or accurate as a $4000 one.   I get coaching discounts from/on Saris/Cycleops Power Taps, iBike and Quarq PMs.  So, if I coach you I will get you a PM at discount prices.  If you don't have a PM, or plan on getting one BEFORE I start coaching you, I'm going to mandate the use of a HR monitor- as a minimum.  I'm also going to require that you be periodically tested at either a facility near me (such as Fusion Fitness in Fountainville, PA) or at an approved facility in your area.  You MUST be periodically tested on a cycling ergometer.  After all, Stimulus and Response is the ONLY way to know (or measure correctly) if your ATP is working.  It's analogous to the doctor-patient relationship re: medication.  Too little a dose and no effect (in our case, no improvement), too much a dose and it could kill you (in our case, set you back).

Email me at:  Power ON!  Coach Rob

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