Thursday, April 7, 2011

Re-assessing/re-evaluating your 2010/2011 training goals

Back in November 2010, you may recall I posted a blog re: my/your 2011 training goals.  In it, I posted a chart that I hoped to use to track three very important metrics: Functional Threshold Power (FTP), Body Weight (lbs) and Power to Weight Ration (w/kg) during my Annual Training Plan.

Just today, I re-assessed my Annual Training Plan based on where I was on the chart.  You can see that my goal weight has been achieved.  That's right, I lost 12 pounds since November 2011.  I'm really proud of myself for that because it wasn't easy with all of the business travel.  It takes a lot of self-control and discipline not to eat junk on the road.  Where I fell a little short of my goal(s) was my FTP and w/kg.  Rather, I fell a lot short.  I'm guessing the reason for the shortfall is twofold: 1) I lost some strength in my legs during the weight loss and 2) I over-estimated my ability to increase my FTP 40 watts.  (I don't know why I thought that was obtainable..especially for an old goat like me).  That's ok, that's the reason you re-assess/re-evaluate your training goals as the season progresses and make more realistic ones.  For me, I think a more realistic goal would be to increase my FTP 20-25 watts instead.  But, it's still April and to be honest with you the weather has not been cooperating as much as I'd like to get out on the road and ride more.  That, and my busy work schedule.  So, for now, I'm going to give myself 2 more mos. (until June 1st- my birthday) to increase 10 watts more than where I am now.  That should be realistic...and THAT should make me happy.  The only thing that would make me happier is if that translated to better race results.  Guess we'll see.  The good news/thing is..I was able to increase my w/kg..which is already showing in my climbing ability.  So, have you met your 2010/2011 training goals?  What do you have to do to meet them if you haven't?  Power ON! Coach Rob

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