Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tabata Training

If I've coached you before, you know that I'll routinely throw some Tabata Intervals into your annual training plan.  If not, and I'm coaching you now, you'll see them sooner than later.  If you've never heard about Tabata Intervals before, check out this link:  It does a pretty good job of explaining what Tabata intervals are and their benefit.

If you check out the hyperlink above, you'll see the words "weight loss" and "fat burning" in it.  That's because, in addition to Tabata intervals being a great interval workout on the bike for developing your anaerobic energy system, Tabata intervals are a great way to burn some fat and lose weight.  And, you can do Tabata intervals on just about any aerobic exercise machine like an elliptical trainer, rowing machine, stairmaster, treadmill, etc. 

I've been trying to lose weight for two months now and my body just doesn't seem to want to shed the lbs.  Actually, what is happening is from all my cycling workouts..including resistance training at the gym...I'm actually burning fat and replacing it with muscle.  That's a good thing really..but not totally.  That is, I still need to shed the lbs. otherwise I'm still carrying excess weight up hills.  That excess weight is what is keeping me from hanging with the svelter riders.  Sure, my leg muscles are stronger (so says my power meter) but I'm thinking (and hoping) I can still gain leg strength while shedding lbs.

I have EXACTLY 2 months until my first race of the year- Battenkill.  That's ONLY 8 weeks away.  My goal for this race is to have a power to weight ratio as close to 3.5 as I can get it.  That's an FTP of 265w divided by my goal weight in kg (167/2.2).  My goal for June is a power-to-weight ratio closer to 4.0.    Right now, I'm on track with my FTP but my weight is 177 lbs...10 lbs. more than where I need to be.

With my back against the wall (only 8 weeks to lose 10 lbs.), I have no other option than to start two-a-day workouts.  A morning workout consisting of Tabata Intervals on an elliptical trainer (which I have at home and at hotels when I'm on travel) and an afternoon/evening cycling interval workout.  I'm hoping the Tabata Intervals in the a.m. on an empty stomach (glycogen depleted) will jump-start my engine into burning fat/calories.  (I'm already counting my calories and reducing fat and simple carbs from my diet.)

I'll keep you posted on my progress and let you know how it's working.  Not because any of you really care, but, maybe some of you need to do the same thing?  If not, you're lucky.  I'm really not enamored at getting up at 0600 and busting my a$$ on the elliptical trainer for 20 minutes.  But, you gotta do what you need to do to achieve your goals.  It makes it that much sweeter/fulfilling when you reach your goal.  And, it makes it easier on Race Day..knowing that you worked your tail off in preparation for the event..regardless of the race result.  Power ON! Coach Rob

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