Monday, January 17, 2011

LIVESTRONG.COM Power Based Cycling Group

I just started a LIVESTRONG.COM Power Based Cycling Group.  Just go to and open up a FREE account.  Then, from the Home Page click on the "BE INSPIRED" tab and click on "GROUPS".  Finally, do a search on Groups by typing in "Power Based Cycling" in the search box.

 In addition to the LIVESTRONG.COM Power Based Cycling Group that I just started, you'll see that the LIVESTRONG site has a lot of good stuff/info/articles.  And, best of all- it's FREE!  I'm hoping the Power Based Cycling group will be a way for cyclists with Power Meters to discuss and share information on training, nutrition, racing, equipment, etc.  Yes, I know there are Power Based Specific Forums out on the internet (I frequent those), but this is more of a nutrition, training, equipment, racing, etc. group all wrapped up in one.  Plus, it'd be cool to have something more local.  I'd start my own forum on the websites I have but they're too much of a hassle to maintain with all the trawlers/spammers out there.  Even if this group doesn't least I introduced you to a new FREE site on the web with plenty of useful information.  I use the FREE calorie tracker and check out many of the fitness/nutrition articles.

Power ON! Coach Rob

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