Thursday, August 13, 2009

TSS HRZ Calculator

If you don't have a Power Meter or train with Power already know that HR training/monitoring is the next best thing. (If you don't, read some of my prior blogs on why I think so.) And, if you're one of the fortunate athletes that I coach, you'll know that TSS, or Training Stress Score, is my underlying coaching metric/principle. It's all about stimulus/dose and response. (If you want more info on stimulus/dose and a Google Search on: "stimulus response coggan".)

What you need to calculate your TSS for a given exercise, is a Heart Rate monitor that is capable of recording "Time in Zone" TIZ. Take those numbers and enter them into my handy-dandy calculator (that I'll email you if you request so) and you'll get your TSS.

Note: Calculating TSS from Heart Rate is NOT as accurate as it is compared to Power..but it's close (in the ballpark) and that's all I'm looking for when I'm exercing away from home at a gym or hotel fitness room.


Jake said...

I would love to see the equations for calculating it?

Unknown said...

Hi rob can you email me your handy dandy chart:) thanx!

Unknown said...

Hi Rob,
It would be great if you can email me your handy dandy chart :)

Unknown said...

Hi Rob,
It would be great if you can please email me your handy dandy chart. It would really help me.
Thanks for your time and help.