Monday, June 29, 2009

Mini-Criterium (0.4 mile loop)

Yup, that's right..a Mini. I thought I'd start something a little closer to home where people could ride their bikes to and get a good 1 hr. race-pace workout. Thus, the Cold Spring Elementary (CSE) mini-criterium. What is it, what's it all about? Come see this Sunday at 0830 in the parking lot of Cold Spring Elementary located on the corner of Cold Spring Creamery Rd. and Rt. 413 in Buckingham, PA. Please don't email me with questions about the mini-criterium because I'll be out of town (on business travel) and won't have time to answer your emails. If you're interested..just show up. Racing will start promptly at 0900 and last for an hour. Group fun ride to follow from 1000-noon, usually a hilly ride on the PA side to Frenchtown, NJ and then a fast TT on the way back (on Rt 29/River Rd.) to Bulls Island on the "Big D" and back into PA. Should be fun! Please- only riders with good paceline skills and/or racing experience wanted/invited. We want this to be safe and fun. See you on Sunday! Coach Rob

BTW, we're going to have some Cat 2-5 road racers and some triathletes in attendance!

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