Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Golden Cheetah

When I became an USA Cycling Level 2 Power Based Coach, I used WKO+ 3 from Training Peaks Software exclusively for post-ride analysis.  I gave up on WKO+ 3 recently because my NEW ErgVideo software now saves my Computrainer training files in *.FIT format instead of *.TXT format. Training Peaks WKO+ 3 doesn't read *.FIT files it only reads *.TXT files.  You have to upgrade to WKO+ 4 either as a monthly subscription or buy the software outright for $179 to read *.FIT files.  I think $179 is way too much $$ so I emailed Training Peaks and the best they could do was to offer me a 10% discount.  So, now, I've punted on Training Peaks software and I'm using the Open Source (Free) Software called Golden Cheetah.  I heard of Golden Cheetah years ago but I never looked at it because Training Peaks software did the job.  Besides, if you bought the book by Hunter Allen and Dr. Andrew Coggan (like I did), Training and Racing with a Power Meter", it shows you how to read and work with all of the metrics that Training Peaks Software uses/offers. 

Having downloaded and used the latest version of Golden Cheetah, I have to say it's a damn nice software program (for Free).  The best part is, it reads all of my files including my *.FIT Computrainer Files and my Garmin bike computer files.  And, Golden Cheetah has just as many metrics for post ride analysis as Training Peaks Software does- maybe more.  The terminology might be a tad different, for example, Training Peaks Software calls your maximum sustained average power at Threshold your Functional Threshold Power (FTP) where Golden Cheetah calls it your Critical Power (CP).  Unlike Training Peaks Software, Golden Cheetah lets you create and customize your own performance charts.  You want to look at HR vs Power, create a chart and you've got it.

Don't take my word for it, check it out and download Golden Cheetah for Free.  If you don't like it after using it, then erase/delete it.  No loss.  Training Peaks will tell you that it's not well supported but that's BS.  Golden Cheetah has a nice Help menu with documentation to support all of their charts/graphs.  It also has a user forum that will help you with any questions you have.  You can't beat it.

Power ON!  Coach Rob

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