Sunday, January 3, 2010

Winter Training Camp

With the snow/cold that has already descended upon us, I'm REALLY looking forward to Winter Cycling Training Camp in Las Vegas, NV. I've had a choice between Hunter Allen's Power Training Camp in Bakersfield, CA and my friend Mitch Lesak's annual trip to Death Valley..but I decided to do my own training camp in "Sin City". I figure, where else can I go where I can: a) take the wife b) be relatively certain of half-decent weather c) have plenty of things to do when I'm NOT riding d) CHEAP e) good hilly/mountainous routes to ride void of traffic f) not too far g) rent a bike if I don't want to take my own h) etc.

One of my favorite cycling routes is out to Red Rock Canyon and back (frm downtown Vegas). The Canyon Rd. route is very scenic and ascends over 1000 vertical feet. (see elevation profile). The loop is a little over 14 miles long. It's a great place to not only ride but to hike as well. Last year when I was here (in February), the temps were in the mid 60s to low 70s w/ snow in the mountains.

If you're interested in joining me. As of now, I'm planning on making the trip Washington's Birthday week- February 22nd, 2010. You can get roundtrip air (direct) out of Philly or Newark for $250. You can also stay at the Hilton Las Vegas for as low as $69/night. You can't beat that. The game plan is to ride approx. 50 miles every morning from 9am til noon and relax/shop/hike/sight-see/see a show/gamble/etc. in the afternoon and evening.
Power ON! Coach Rob

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Rob Muller said...

BTW, Circus-Circus (on the strip) has a rate of $156/4 nights. That's right four nights for $156 in a Tower Room, 3-star rating..which aint too shabby. Where else can you get a rate like that. Plus, Circus-Circus has the BEST steak-house in town...20+ yrs. and running.