Sunday, January 3, 2010

Indoor Training Coming Soon

If you're like me and hate doing HARD indoor training workouts by're in luck. Todd Wiley (Professional Triathlete and USAT Coach) and I are currently organizing indoor group training sessions for January, February and March. They will probably start mid-January at a site to be announced. Training sessions will include networked Computrainers (for rent) utilizing RacerMates Multi-rider software as well as Ironman Real Course Videos. You can also bring your own trainer and join along with interval workouts that YOU SHOULD BE DOING to prepare for the 2010 race season. There will be weekly and weekend sessions...dates and times to be announced.

So, stay tuned..we hope to have more information for you this week with specific times/dates/fees/etc. We'll be having USA Cycling Cat 2 racer, Jason Wood in attendance for most training sessions. For those of you that don't know Jason, he is a local (Doylestown) rider who has gone from Cat 5 to Cat 2 racer in less than 3 yrs...and he's on a quest to become a Cat 1 Pro this summer. We'll also be having other elite Triathletes and Cyclists joining us. So, if you want to train with/where the Pros/Elite athletes train...then you'll want to join us this Winter.

Power ON! Coach Rob

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