Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bicycle Safety

I'm amazed at the amount of cyclists I see riding on the road in the early morning wearing all-black clothing...or cyclists riding near dark without any lights on their bike. I just don't get it. Are these morons (yes morons) looking for a good excuse to end up in a hospital? I thought the reason why the majority of us ride is for (good) health reasons? Yes/No? How healthy is it riding on the road with dark clothes when drivers can't see you very well to begin with. Why make it harder on them? That's not to mention the drivers that are texting on their phones...or drinking their morning coffee with one hand and munching on a donut with the other.
The next time you ride..I want you to think about this blog and what you can do to ride SAFER. Better yet, go to this website: and READ some of the things you can do to not only make yourself more visible but prevent an accident BEFORE it happens. There's no excuse to ride without some reflective piping in your cycling clothing...especially if you ride alone. There is definitely safety in numbers if you can ride with/in a so. Better safe than sorry. Be SAFE! Power ON! Coach Rob

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