Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Balanced Off-Season Cycling Program

A "balanced" off-season cycling program SHOULD include: resistance (weight) training, time on the indoor trainer and x-training. The key here is "balance". If your off-season cycling program does NOT include "balance" at this time of year- it should, if you want to maximize your performance for the 2010 season. What do I mean by "balance"? Here's a good example:

Monday- Weight Training
Tuesday- Indoor Interval Workout
Wednesday- Weight Training
Thursday- Indoor Bike Workout
Friday- OFF
Saturday- Mountain Biking
Sunday- Mountain Biking/Roller Blading/X-Country Skiing/etc.

If you're not sure what kind/type of weight training or bike workout you should be doing this time of year, email me and I'll get you started.

What are the benefits of a "balanced" off-season program:
a. psychological break
b. builds muscle strength
c. improves hand/eye coordination
d. improves cycling skills
e. helps maintain sense of balance
f. cardiovascular benefits

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