Tuesday, February 8, 2011

V (for Victory) Intervals

I've always wondered what makes the "best" interval workout. Is/was it one that: a) was fun b) hard c) worked a specific energy system or d) all of the above?  To this date, I'm still not sure.  Because, some of the best interval workouts, in my opinion, are NOT very fun at all.  Anyone that has ever done Tabata intervals for the first time knows what I'm talking about.  Or, if you've been one of the lucky few who have actually been able to do 3x20s at Threshold. 

Many of you know, in particular the athletes I coach, that my two favorite interval workouts are 2x20s at Threshold and 5x4s at VO2max.  However, even if you work up to these intervals on a weekly basis, they are VERY hard and can often become boring (and not very much fun) over time.  On the other hand, I do what is "proven" to work for the masses whether I like it or not.  I'm not one to follow any of the Mickey Mouse (cycling) workouts you see posted on the internet (or in person) that consists of jumping off the bike, doing some pushups, running around the house, and mounting your trusty steed again.  Don't laugh, I've seen and heard of similar workouts.  Although, having said that, I'm always looking for new interval workouts to try out.  I haven't been able to find one lately that appeals to me, therefore I designed my own.

In an effort to "spice-up" my ATP, I designed a new interval workout I call V-Intervals that I think meets my criteria for a good/productive interval.  I call them such because when you look at the Power Profile it makes the shape of the letter "V"- plus I like V for Victory.  You can see from the power profile on the chart the three V's.  I performed 3 intervals.  I'm hoping to build up to 5- in time.  They look easy, but they are NOT.  Try em.  Tell me what you think.  Here is the workout:

W/U: 10 min. L2
M/S: 1 min. at L5
         1 min. at L4
         1 min. at L3
         1 min. at L2
         1 min. at L1
         1 min. at L2
         1 min. at L3
         1 min. at L4
         1 min. at L5
         2-3 min. RI btwn sets
         Repeat 2-4 more times
C/D: 5 min. at L2

If you do three V-Intervals, like I did in the chart..it will take you exactly 45 minutes.  If you want to make the V-Intervals harder, skip the L1 effort (at the bottom of the V) and reduce the Rest Interval (RI) between sets to 1-2 minutes max.  V for Victory- I like it.  If you have any favorite Interval Workouts, email them to me and I'll post them to this blog.  Power ON! Coach Rob

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