Monday, February 28, 2011

Lake Placid Training Camp

If you want to get into great cycling shape this summer (whether you're a Tri guy/gal or road racer), now is the time to make plans for Memorial Day Weekend Camp in beautiful Lake Placid, NY.  This will be my 4th (successive) year coming back and have to say that Lake Placid is an AWESOME place to stay and train.  It's just a great atmosphere.  Great weather.  Good restaurants and lots of athletes training in the area.  There is plenty of climbing on the IMLP route. If you want more climbing, you can do the Whiteface Mtn climb...all 8 miles and 8% grade (average) of it.  It's the Alpe D'Huez of the East.  I did the climb one year and couldn't walk the next day (granted I have two herniated discs in my back and was trying to keep up with Rick Fesler and Todd Wiley).  This camp is for Triathletes and Cyclists and their families, friends, etc.  Plenty of things to see and do when you're NOT training.

If you're interested, contact Todd Wiley at or myself  Or, you can go to and print out the registration form and mail it back in.  Don't wait, this camp WILL fill-up FAST.  There is limited space.

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