Friday, December 26, 2014

Training Program

Before you start a training program there are three things you absolutely must have: 1) a goal/objective 2) the time to train and 3) training equipment.  We'll start with training equipment.  For training equipment, you have three options: you either buy equipment and train at home, train at a local gym or do both.  I recommend doing both.  Why?  Because there are going to be days where you just don't have the time to travel to the gym or you just can't get to the gym (e.g. inclement weather).  And, it's good to get out of the house, socialize, etc.  Besides, I don't know too many people that have a 25m indoor pool at home.  For home training equipment, I highly recommend the following: a. elliptical trainer b. stationary bike c. dumbbells d. Abdominal machine e. fan and f. stretching mat.  If you plan to train/workout at a gym, forego the free-weights and opt for the weight machines.  The risks of training with free weights (especially heavy ones) far outweigh the benefits.  Besides, weight machines are made a lot better than the first Universal Weight Machine I used in High School.  The reason I recommend an elliptical trainer and stationary bike at home is because they are easy on the joints..especially if you're overweight.  The last thing you want to do is jump on a treadmill or other impact machine when you're overweight.  That's just a recipe for disaster.

Ok, now for training time or scheduling your training.  I hate to say it but the best time to train is the first thing in the a.m. when you wake up.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, so you say you're not a morning person.  Who is? Why are mornings a good time?  Because your body is glycogen depleted from 7-8 hrs. of sleep and you can start burning some fat instead of leftover carbs for energy.  Mornings are also a good time to workout because you're going to have to take a shower anyway (at least I hope you shower before work)..might as well get all sweaty and you're less apt to skip a workout in the a.m. before work than after work when you're tired.

How often should you train/workout?  It depends on your goals/objectives.  If you're a cyclist that is looking to compete in racing, you'll want to workout at least 5 days per week for one hour with a strict workout plan and a day on the weekend when you have 3-5 hrs.  If you're just trying to lose some weight, improve cardio, etc. 3 days per week for 30 minutes and a day on the weekend when you have 3 hrs. should suffice.  The 3 hr. session on the weekend is for endurance.  If you only have 30 minutes devoted for training daily, you'll have to make that training brisk (fairly intense)- to make any difference.  I'll get into training intensity later on (future blog).  For now, lets just say you should be sweating pretty good for a 30 minute workout.  For training zones, that would be L3/L4..with a little L5 mixed in.  (Do a Search on Training Zones for the definitions of Training Levels/Zones)

Lastly, you must decide what your goals will be for yourself.  To lose weight?  To increase power output on the bike?  To improve Cardio?  And, your goals should be realistic based on the time and effort you're willing to put into your training program.

So, there you have one week to set your goals, set up your training equipment in your home or join a gym.  We start January 1, 2015.  Here's looking at a new you for 2015.

Power ON! Coach Rob

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