Friday, December 26, 2014

The Time Crunched Training Program (TCTP)

It doesn't matter whether you're a cyclist, runner, swimmer, or all three (triathlete) when you're short on training time there is no better program to help you meet your goals than the Time Crunched Training Program (TCTP).  Since I'm a cyclist, most of my workouts are/were designed around Chris Carmichael's Time Crunched Cyclist book.  Lets face it, if you have a job, where you're working 40-50  hrs. (or more) per week, and you only have 6-8 hrs. per week to train- you are considered "time-crunched".

In the absence of "time", intensity is the key to performance and meeting your goals/objectives.  Let me repeat this again and highlight it (it's that important): In the absence of "time", intensity is the key to performance and meeting your goals/objectives.  Even if you're an endurance athlete..more frequent short intense workouts will benefit you more than less frequent long endurance workouts.  If you don't believe me, ask the many cyclists or triathletes that follow Chris Carmichael's Time-Crunched Cyclist/Triathlete program- with success.

Having said this, I'm not advocating jumping in the pool or on a bike or treadmill and going like a bat out of hell for 30 minutes- to start.  If you do, chances are you'll end up puking or worse taking an ambulance ride to the hospital.  Even TCTPs require that you ramp-up to the requisite intensity SLOWLY.  That may require that you ride, run or swim slowly at first for a few weeks- each time increasing the intensity until you reach your optimum/maximum intensity.  (We'll cover intensity later on).

Oh, one thing I forgot to mention which is very important (that I neglected to mention when buying/using training equipment) and that is buying a Heart Rate Monitor.  You don't need a fancy one.  Just one that shows your real-time Heart Rate in bpm.  It is imperative that you are training in the correct zone for your workouts/training to be effective.

So, if you don't have a Heart Rate Monitor..go buy one online- NOW.  I like Polar or Garmin.  They have good ones that are Bluetooth that talk to your watch or to your iPhone (via a free App). 

Power ON! Coach Rob  

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