Sunday, December 18, 2011

Building a solid foundation

A lot of people may know that the St. Louis Gateway Arch is over 600 ft. tall, but not many know that the two legs (base) of the Arch extend 60 ft. into the ground (in bedrock).   The Gateway Arch base/foundation was built to weather any storm...and so far, in its 46 year existence it has managed to do just that.  Just like the Arch, your cycling "base" training should be designed to do the any future storm.  The storm I'm talking about for cycling has nothing to do with weather, the storm I'm talking about is the hi-intensity training that's coming down the road (normally February and March for you roadies).  If you don't establish a solid cycling base/foundation NOW, your body (especially the muscles, tendons and ligaments in your legs) is NOT going to be ready for the higher intensity training and you're prone to all kinds of problems..specifically injury.

So, how do you build a solid foundation?  You build a solid foundation with workouts that are lower intensity on the bike (Tempo- L3) and an emphasis on aerobic endurance (longer rides).  This emphasis on aerobic endurance applies off-the-bike as well..especially cross-training.  If you've been following my blogs for some time, you know I'm a BIG advocate of cross-training for building a solid foundation..whether it's inline skating, vigorous hiking, running, cross-country skiing, Mtn. Biking, etc.  I'm also a BIG proponent of weight training for building a solid foundation.  In addition to improving the basic/general fitness abilities of Endurance and Force, both on and off the bike, I like to incorporate Speed skills workouts on the bike.  Speed-skills work incorporates drills that emphasize high cadence and smooth full-circle pedal stroke with independent leg training.  For now, simply think developing: Speed, Force/Strength and Endurance.

If you haven't started yet, start building NOW!  Power ON!  Coach Rob

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