Friday, May 20, 2011

Bravo Strava

I don't normally get excited about tech products since I'm a tech geek and I'm hard to excite..but, when I hear or see a product I do like..especially a cycling product..not only do I get excited about it I feel obligated to share the excitement.  In the past two days I had two avid cyclists tell me about this new company (well, new to me anyway) called "Strava".  So, I decided to check em out online to see what all the hype was about.  What I saw was a social cycling networking program where you use your phone or bike computer to record your ride data then you can upload the data to the Strava website.  You can use your Garmin Cycling Computer or use your iPhone or Droid (sorry B-Berry got to dump the relic and get hip) to record the ride..and when you get home you upload the data to Strava.  The GPS route and ride data (speed, elevation, power?, heart rate, cadence, etc.) will then be posted on their website similar to MapMyRide.  But, what Strava provides, unlike MapMyRide and other web-based GPS cycling programs, is your ride data for all to see.  So, if you ride a similar route during the week you can race against yourself.  And, your friends can race the same route where you can compete for the Strava King/Queen of the Mountain honors on your local "bad boy" climbs.  I think that is cool..even though I'm no climber by a long shot.  But, what I like is the opportunity to race yourself on select routes..keeping in mind NOT to blow any stop signs or street lights...or worse blow by your friends when they stop to chat with you on the road..haha.  I can hear it right now.."dude, you didn't stop and say hi to me when you passed me last  All I heard you say was STRAVA"  haha.

Oh, and for you cheaters of the World out driving the local route or hill climb on a moped, motorcycle or car to claim KOM honors.  We know who you are..and what you're capable of.  If not, we WILL hunt you down. ha

I'm going to try it out on the road tomorrow for the first time.  I'm going to record the ride with my Garmin Edge 500 and iPhone and post see how consistent the data is.  I'll upload both if I can.  My ride is just a social ride with a don't be giving me any grief for the low average speed..unless of course we take turns drafting each other..haha.  Already, I'm finding ways to cheat/beat the system.

Good stuff.  Power ON!  Coach Rob

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