Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year 2011

For some, the New Year is a celebration of the previous year.  For others, like me, the New Year is a celebration of the upcoming year- a new start/beginning if you will.  2010 was NOT a particularly good year for me.  My Mom unexpectedly passed away in April.  A good friend of the family recently passed away from a long battle with breast cancer.  I did NOT meet my 2010 cycling goals.  I was on the road for business much too often (which had a lot to do with not meeting my cycling goals).  My back (two herniated discs) started giving me fits again. 

Yes, I know, it could have been a lot worse.  But lets just say this wasn't one of my better years and that I'm truly looking forward to a better 2011.

If you haven't started your 2011 Cycling Training Plan..get on it NOW!  There isn't a better time to start.  If you need help getting started, send me an email  and I'll help you get started.  Unfortunately, I can't take on any more athletes for coaching.  I'm booked for 2011.  I'll do my best to include some blogs in the next week on how to get started.  For now, however, you need to evaluate the past training/racing season to see what worked and didn't work- then re-evaluate.  Then, you have to decide what your goals are for 2011 and how are you going to achieve them.  This is particularly important for new cyclists.  You first have to decide what you want..then determine how you're going to get it/there.  Remember, what you want may not necessarily be what you get.  i.e. if you're a 225 lb. rider with a big muscular upper body ..don't make it a goal to win the local (hilly) 100k road race.  Likewise, if you're a 135 lb. rider with a little muscular lower body.. don't make it a goal to win the local criterium sprint.  It probably aint gonna happen.  Sorry!  I'll devote a couple future blogs to this exact topic and tell you why.

For now, don't drink too much on Friday night..and please don't drink and drive.  To all, have a Happy (and healthy) New Year 2011.  I hope you meet/achieve all your goals.

Power ON!  Coach Rob

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