Friday, March 12, 2010

Tired of fixing flat Tires?

My blog from the other day, where I mentioned potholes, made me think about fixing my flat tire where a sharp stone/rock had penetrated the sidewall of my Continental Grand Prix 4000 tire...essentially ruining the tire.  And, as WE all aren't cheap..unless you buy cheap tires.  If you REALLY want a good training tire, especially for this time of year that has a beefed up sidewall and excellent puncture can't go wrong with Continental Grand Prix's 4 Season Tire.  Check it out: 

Additionally, if you want an excellent all-around tire you can train and race on, you can't go wrong with Continental's Grand Prix 4000S.  It's what I ride exclusively.  Why?  Because I think I've ridden just about every other tire on the market (without much luck) and Conti's give me everything I want: good puncture resistance, good tire wear, good traction on dry and wet roads, low rolling resistance, etc.   I'm not here to bash other Tire Manufacturers but there IS a lot of junk out there.  And, if you want good advice on tire durability and puncture resistance..just ask any rider over 195 lbs. what they like/ride.  Lets face it, you under 150 pounders could probably ride a set of thin lightweight racing tires all year long and not get one flat. 

And, No, I'm not a rep for Continental I don't get anything from advertising.  As I said before, in my Garmin Edge 500 blog, I'm just passing on to the masses what truly pleases me in the cycling world..and Continental Tires are the way to go- as far as I'm concerned.  Hey, they're made in Germany where some of the best automobilies in the world are made: Porsche, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, etc.  Need I say more?  Cheers Heir Muller (aka Coach Rob)

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