Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring/Summer 2009 Rides

There are 3 weekly rides that I'll be doing this Spring/Summer (when I'm not on travel) that I think some of you, that I coach, will be interested in. They are: a Tuesday Night Ride (TNR) leaving from Cold Spring Elementary (CSE) at 530 pm, a Thursday Night Derby Ride (ThNDR) leaving from Starbucks in Doylestown at 530 pm and a Sunday morning Derby Ride (Derby) leaving from Cold Spring Elementary (CSE) at 0900. The TNR is an interval workout ride that we'll be doing on River Rd. (NJ) with TWiley Sports athletes. If you're interested in joining us for that ride, please email me ahead of time, mullerrj@comcast.net , to let me know you're coming...because we'll be pairing people up for intervals. The ThNDR is an abbreviated/shorter version of the Sunday Derby Ride. It's a fast/hard ride. (Well, it's fast/hard for me.) And, the Derby Ride..is a sane/easy ride up to Milford NJ, then hammer down..and try to hold on. Or, take a short cut (like I've done in the past) to meet-up with the BIG DAWGS! If there are any questions on any of these 3 rides, email me. Ride-on!

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