Sunday, March 15, 2009

Don't lose weight!

If you're overweight or you'd just like to shed a few of those extra (Winter) pounds before the start of the race advice is to do it NOW! The easiest/quickest way that I know to lose weight is to either: a) increase exercise i.e. burn more calories and/or b) eat less i.e. cut the carbs. Granted, as the race season does the nicer weather making it easier to get outside for the longer/harder exercise/training sessions. Therefore, option a) is not that difficult. Option b) is not that difficult just eat less..knocking out the carbs..ala Atkin's Diet.

Problem is, when you increase your exercise volume/intensity (and heart rate) your body relies MORE on carbs as a fuel source. (The lower the working heart rate, the more you rely on fat as a source of fuel.) If you don't give your body that needed fuel source during a hard exercise session/ride...guess what? YOU BONK BIGTIME! Therefore, you don't complete the workout interval you wanted, or more EMBARRASSINGLY you get dropped during one of your group rides with your buds. How do I know this? It happened to me recently..the latter..more embarrassing...being dropped. So, to avoid a similar situation this advice is to start losing your weight NOW...NOT later...because the only thing more embarrassing than being dropped by a buddy during a group getting dropped during a race with family and friends watching. So, don't lose weight..lose it NOW!

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